Always, ALWAYS excellent service! Knowledgeable and professional staff. A true pleasure to work with.


Wonderful staff! Excellent service!


Spot on with all the paperwork!


The Ligon Firm is fantastic.


I’ve worked with The Ligon Firm both as a buyer, seller, and a realtor. I can’t say enough good things about the way they’ve taken care of my family and my clients over the years. Knowing that they are behind the scenes double checking everything gives me peace of mind that can’t be bought. 


Always a smooth closing with excellent service! Over the years their staff has worked very hard to fix title issues created by others and I highly recommend this group!


Many clients of mine over the years have chosen to use The Ligon Firm for their real estate needs.  The paralegals in the office are always willing to help and very organized.  Our goal for the entire real estate transaction is to make things easy for buyers and sellers.  I appreciate the care and patience of the Ligon Firm.


Closing with The Ligon Firm was such a comfortable experience from start to finish. They were able to get my title to my lender very quickly. If there were any questions or concerns, their awesome paralegals were able to put me at ease with their fast responses. At the closing table, we were taken back immediately and met the attorney who was facilitating the closing. They went over all the paperwork, answered all my questions and made me feel important. Thank you to The Ligon Firm for making my home-buying and closing experience painless!!


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